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Villa Solana

house and lot for sale in cebu
Villa Solana
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Choose your first home ...  you'll be safe and sound.

Feel safe knowing that you're acquiring your superbly located dream home for the best possible value for your money. Know that Villa Solana's sound experience ensures your new neighborhood has everything you'll need - water, drainage, telephone, cable TV, and internet connection, as well as convenient access to schools, curches, hospitals, shopping malls and the SRP Coastal Road.

  • Prime hectares in Talisay City
  • 150 dream houses
  • 10 charming Mediterranean models
  • 15 convenient minutes from Cebu City
  • 5 short minutes from the beach
  • A conscientious real estate Company
  • by Juanito King & Sons, Inc.

Casa Catalonia Royale. You'll be happy to invite friends and relatives over to experience your Villa Solana lifestyle. Have them stay in your guest room, where they will experience contented sleep only a peaceful and gentle neighborhood can provide.


2 bedrooms & 1 guest room,  1 toilet & bath, enclosed water closet. Floor area: 42 square meters, Lot area: 85 and 90 square meters.

Special Model

Special Model - Living & Dining

2 bedrooms, 1 toilet & bath, Floor area: 50 square meters, Lot area: 100 square meters


Casa Granada  Known for its beautiful gardens and pleasant streets, Granada is among the loveliest cities in the Mediterranean. Its influence is seen and felt in the cozy environs of Casa Granada, which creatively combines rustic charm and urban energy. 2 bedrooms & 1 guest room, 1 toilet & bath with enclosed water closet. Floor area: 50 square meters, Lot area: 120 square meters


Subdivision Features and Amenities

  • Landscaped entrance
  • Elegant guardhouse with tower
  • Park and playground
  • Concrete roads with street signage
  • Cemented sidewalks with street lights
  • Cemented curbs and gutters
  • Underground drainage system
  • Private water distribution system
  • Overhead water tank
  • Electric power supply
  • Perimeter fence
  • Basketball and badminton court
  • Multi-purpose hall


Casa Catalonia Royale - Living Area

Casa Catalonia Royale - Dining & Kitchen

Casa Catalonia - Master's BR

Casa Seville  Grab the bull by the horns as the people of Seville do, and experience the thrill of owning your first home in Casa Seville. Embark on an adventure of a lifetime by transforming this special abode into your own very special space. 2 bedrooms, 1 toilet & bath with enclosed water closet. Floor area: 36 square meters, Lot area: 60 square meters


Casa Ibiza  Dwell in townhouses that reflect both facets of the famed Mediterranean island. Be among the first to join pulsing new Casa Ibiza community, a community built on both familiarity and privacy. Mezzanine, 1 toilet & bath, Floor area: 52 square meters, Lot area: 40 square meters


Casa Valencia. The original Latin name of this Spanish city meant "strength and vigor". In Casa Valencia, strong family values are cultivated in a neighborhood that treasures kinship and respect. 3 bedrooms, 2 T&B, Floor area: 59 square meters, Lot area: 60 square meters


For more information, please contact us. We shall be pleased to send you updated subdivision map of the project, prices, financing scheme, terms of payment and other important details.

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